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Hey, Bitches! Featuring strictly inappropriate Hannibal content.


Hannibal Season 2 Summary, spoiler edition.

Follow up to the spoiler free edition.

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coffee shop au at its finest.


coffee shop au at its finest.

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Interviewer: It was nice that you had [Will’s dog] Winston as the moral compass in that scene, refusing to participate!

Bryan Fuller: [Laughs] He’s like, ‘There is some f**ked up shit going on in that house right now. You might wanna have a drink before you go in there’.

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Watching the Golden Globes last weekend reminded me of a conversation dotiscute , thingofthings , and I had, in which we decided Jesse Pinkman and Will Graham should retire to a cabin in the woods where manipulative assholes cannot come past the front porch.

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First-world cannibal problems: always using an ink pen (because pencils aren’t classy enough)

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I’m rewatching Hannibal’s season 2, and I pass trough this scene. I swear, this was exactly what heppened. And I also think that I will not survive the heateous. 

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