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Hey, Bitches! Featuring strictly inappropriate Hannibal content.


of course,Will.


of course,Will.


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HANNIBAL - I’m Home by SayaelFinally done. Took me a while. Uh… Dogs. Draw all the dogs! Made me go a lil coo-coo but it was worth it and good practice cuz I’m not that good at drawing doggies. (Read more of my Blah-blah on deviantart lolz)
Alternative titles: “Graham Puppy Pile!” “Hannibal is NOT INVITED!" "Graham Pack Cuddle Formation" "Hug-Me-jacket" (But he’s glooming creepy-ly over it.)

Fantastic fanart!

I love everything: The burgeoning antlers, Will curled up with his pack, the straitjacket, the mask, the colors feast, the puppies, the lighting…

My favorite thing is HANNIBAL looming at the door handling Will fucking collar. Glorious!

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I have never related to anything more in my life [x]

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i’m not even supposed to be here today

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